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Strawberry Picking Working Conditions


West Newton Farm Working Conditions


Type of work we offer:

Ground Strawberry picking outdoors.

General outdoor fieldwork consisting of pruning, weeding and laying straw.

Packhouse work, packing strawberries into boxes ready for shipment.

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  • Workers must be dextrous and prepared to work all day in open fields.
  • A sufficient knowledge of English is required to understand training & Instructions



Season Working Dates

The strawberry picking season starts from the end of May to the end of September. These dates can vary depending on weather conditions.

We start recruiting from the End of February.

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  • Work cannot be guaranteed - unusual weather conditions do occur and the harvest may be either early or late and of a different duration to that which was anticipated.


Working Days & Hours

Employees are expected to work 6 days a week.

Daily start time: 0700 to 0830

Daily finish time 1500 to 1800

This may vary according to the weather and the fruit that needs picking.
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Rates of Pay

Piecework & Hourly Rates of pay available

We pay National Living Wage

Overtime rates of pay available

Tax and National Insurance deductions will be made where applicable

  • Piecework Rates - This means the more you pick, the more you can earn. Rates vary according to crop and weather conditions, and may change daily.

What Previous Employees Have Said

I would recommend working at West Newton Farm to anyone who was considering doing seasonal strawberry picking

The managers are friendly and open and listen to what I have to say

This was one of the most enjoyable summer jobs I have ever had.

I like the facilities here, especially the minibus and the free laundry services